Pingtung County(屏東縣) -Shashe(殺蛇) River Living Heart Movement

  • Execution Schedule:2018.01.11-2018.09.03
Execution Schedule:2018.01.11-2018.09.03

This plan aims to implement Pingtung屏東 Vision 2025, based on the "Lucky Grass Vitality Plan" and the "Overall Construction Plan of Lighting New Gateway on Left Bank of Gaoping(高屏) River," and according to the previous renovation experience of the Wannian(萬年)River, to build the "Shashe(殺蛇)River - Living Heart Movement Plan" to create a cultural waterfront life circle with one railway and four streams. With the main requirements being low-carbon living, an ecological green corridor, leisure and tourism, and a gateway image, the cross-district integrated resources at both ends of Gaoping(高屏)and the core gateway area of Pingtung City(屏東市) are reorganized to extend and expand the environmentally friendly concept and build a green home and life circle, as well as develop a town of green water networks in line with the international environment in the new century.

With the theme of "Shashe(殺蛇) River Living Heart Movement" and the renovation experience of Wanian(萬年)River, combined with the renovation and renewal of public facilities in the old city, the renovation and connection of the surrounding environment of the blue belt and green belt, the renovation of streets and alleys, and the revitalization and reuse of old houses, Pingtung(屏東)will have a different scene.

  • Theme image: Water and green basic architecture.
  • Design language: Simple and elegant place, showing the area’s industrial landscape spirit.
  • Spatial architecture: OPEN & CLOSE + UP & DOWN. Throughout Pingtung City’s special regional human landscape, natural ecological environment, and cultural landscape resources, this design proposes two main plan shafts, including the sub-projects of related issues such as overall planning of block reconstruction, renovation and update of old urban facilities, surrounding environment renovation, and connection of the blue belt and green belt, among others; through cross-district and cross-border integration, this plan focuses on implementing the waterfront space of the Shashe(殺蛇)River.

The Shashe(殺蛇)River water and green water front cultural life circle integrates the river corridor and green space of the Shashe(殺蛇)River basin to activate the surrounding industrial zone, improve the community’s quality of life, transform the industrial landscape and ruins left during the Japanese ruling period, and create local memories. The railway life circle pattern created by Liukuaicuo(六塊厝), Pingtung(屏東), and Guilai(歸來) Railway Stations connects the two waterfront life circles of the Shashe(殺蛇) River water and green and the Gaoping(高屏) River old railway bridge, integrates the urban core and gateway regional space resources, and drives the development of transportation, commerce, green environment, and urban leisure along the line.

After 25 years of silence, the base contains a history of development from the Japanese ruling period to the present. With the closure of Pingtung(屏東) Pulp Factory in 1994, time seems to have been frozen. By continuing Pingtung City(屏東市)’s historical texture, Taiwan sugar industrial culture context, and ecological environment of the Shashe(殺蛇) River, such design methods as preservation and repair, space reconstruction, and creative value added moderately retain the traces of railway and the old pulp factory structure and integrates the Shashe(殺蛇)River waterfront green space to invoke the dusty memory of Pingtung(屏東) and create a new era of life in the Shashe(殺蛇) River valley.

Before construction
After construction
Before construction
After construction
Completion photos of the Shashe(殺蛇) River - Living Heart Movement
Execution Schedule:2018.01.11-2018.09.03
Execution Schedule:2018.01.11-2018.09.03


German Design Award 2022/ Excellent Architecture - Urban Space and Infrastructure/ Gold
ICONIC AWARDS 2021: Innovative Architecture/ - Urban Planning- Best of Best
IFLA ASIA-PAC LA Awards 2021/ Awards of Excellence
Architecture Master Prize /Urban Design Winner
Architecture Master Prize /Public Winner
Good design award 2021/ Award
DFA Design for Asia Awards 2021/ Bronze Award
Architizer 2021 A+Award/ Landscape /Popular Choice Winner
LANDEZINE 2021 International landscape Award / Special Mention in Public Project category
MUSE Design Awards 2021 /Parks & Open Space Landscape Platinum Award
MUSE Design Awards 2021 / Landscape of the year
A'DESIGN AWARD 2021 / Urban Planning and Urban Design Silver Award
PHOTOGRAPHY MASTER PRIZE AWARD 2021 WINNERS/ Landscape Urban design Winner
➢2021 Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards /Best Environment / Excellence Award
➢2021 Taiwan Residential Architecture Award /Finalist
➢2021 TDA Taipei International Design Award-Public Space /Bronze Award
➢2021 Taiwan Environment Lighting Award /Shortlist
➢2020 Taiwan Landscape Awards /Optimization