• General landscape consultant mechanism
General landscape consultant mechanism

In 2002, "The Demo Project for Creating the Urban and Rural Landscapes of Taiwan" approved implementation of the subsidy project, and the "Local Consultant and Implementation Project of Coordination and Promotion Organization" was later added. that the goal for the project is to help municipal and county (city) governments to team up for their own consultation organization in order to assist these governments process related applications of subsidy programs in proposal and under review through the subsidy project. Furthermore, the project also provides aid for the integration and coordination of approved subsidy programs for the year, regular management and appraisal, consultation and guidance for the planning and design process, supervision over the final report and drawings, as well as control for construction quality and support in hosting and planning various publicity events, lectures, observations, records, and others. As such, this manner of operation has put an end to the “top-down” consultation and counseling group from the central government in the past, so that the landscape design profession and aesthetics endowment can be blended into the local culture, thus enhancing the overall engineering quality and aesthetic quality of the personnel in charge of the project.

In 2003, the Construction and Planning Agency changed its name from “The Implementation Plan of the Task Force for Creating Urban and Rural Landscapes” to the "General Consultant Project for Environmental Landscapes," and the municipal and county (city) governments were tasked with selecting at least one individual from professional fields as a general consultant for environmental landscapes through tenders. The general landscape consultant then formed an advisory group to actively introduce a professional team to provide consultation services for ongoing or proposed landscape, architectural, or public work projects, as well as supervision over the quality of projects,implementation results, and success in integrating local resources and promoting co-created cooperation between regions. Such efforts should enhance the overall environmental landscape quality and unique style of different towns, thus meeting the sustainable development goals for Taiwan.

In the past, public works projects had mostly focused on quality control and acceptance procedures. However, general landscape consultants will assume responsibility for overseeing from a qualitative point of view and assist both the central and local governments in integrating important public works within their jurisdiction that involve issues of environment and landscape. In such a way, works embraced from the novel perspective include the category of consultation and counseling and then become a professional negotiation and integration platform that turn into important communication channels for promoting urban and rural façade policies. Therefore, this system should also strive to become the key system for promoting the movement of urban and rural façades to jointly create urban and rural areas with charm and happiness!

–Task Categories

  1. Be equipped with a professional team of diverse specialties, as well as a specialized management center.
  2. Establish management and appraisal, consultation, review, supervision, counseling, and administrative reporting operations for central and local governments.
  3. Formulate strategic planning alternatives and implementation concepts for the development of important landscape spaces.
  4. Regularly host professional workshops to train local talents and jointly promote environmental values.
  5. Sponsor proposals from the competent authorities to apply for subsidy programs of the central government and prepare the approach and content for future proposals.
  6. Administer proposal, coaching, review of written documents and drawings for design (budget), and criticism of review for annual subsidy plans by the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior.
  7. Assist in the participation of major (county) municipal meetings and inter-office integration meetings and provide professional consultation and advice.
  8. Integrate team resources of community planners and set up a negotiation and integration platform to jointly promote central policies.
  9. Implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) goals and strategies, and adopt action plans to drive the locality for implementation.
  10. Prepare a compilation of annual urban and rural achievements for local governments.

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