Construction Plan of Urban and Rural Landscape and Creation Environment (2021-2026)

- Overview:

Due to several waves of industrial restructuring and urbanization development in Taiwan's early towns and cities, the facilities in the original core development areas were obviously outdated, and the service function of core towns was also declining, which in turn affected the development of the surrounding living circles and the life quality of the residents. In order to speed up urban and rural construction and promote the"urban regeneration", the Construction and Planning Agency proposed the"Construction Plan of Urban and Rural Landscape and Creation Environment" (2021-2026) after the"Project Plan for Town Heart", which was approved by the Executive Yuan on June 8, 2020. In the future, it will continue to promote the overall transformation of the urban and rural environment and improve the living standards of the Chinese people.

The new plan for 6 years will focus on the 6 major projects of "improving parks and green space", "constructing ecological waterfront environment", "transforming the landscape of important nodes", "activating and reusing idle space", "creating environmental space improvement"and"self-constructing of the community environment", and 2 supporting measures including "General Environmental Landscape Consultant"and"Residential Guidance Plan for Community Planners" to transform urban and rural attractive strongholds, light up local characteristic landscapes, and promote local dynamism and development.

In order to continue the concept of creating an urban environment and building a balanced urban and rural areas over the past 20 years, the medium-term and long-term planning policy focuses on the close division of labor between the central and local governments, and the independent integration of local governments. On the premise of taking into account the local self-evidence and the aesthetics of the country, we shall jointly enhance the functions of towns and assist in promoting the local creation.

The plan is expected to promote the transformation and redevelopment of the urban structure in an orderly manner through a forward-looking and innovative overall plan for the improvement of urban functions, and strengthen the connection between case projects and urban regeneration. The plan is to promote the equal development of urban and rural areas through urban regeneration, and finally establish a sense of identity, hope, and glory in towns and regions, in order to fundamentally attract talents to return, and achieve the ultimate goal of creating urban style and environment.

- Objectives:
  1. Promote the overall plan to improve urban functions and strengthen the competitiveness of cities and towns at the second and third levels
    The adjustment and improvement of urban functions requires long-term investment. This plan period can assist county and city governments to pragmatically review the development needs of cities and towns at the second and third levels and their long-term crux from a macro scale, point out the nodes or sections with the most improved benefits, and propose a bright spot plan to improve the overall function of towns as a guide and integration of relevant ministries on the basis of resources, in order to enhance the spillover effect of the subsidized projects of this plan, and achieve the goal of constructing the key growth pole of urban development. On the other hand, this plan will also strategically subsidize the relevant small and medium-sized townships and townships to create environmental integration and construction plans by the county and city governments through the overall urban function improvement plan, including: block renovation, waterfront space creation, ecological green corridors, renovation and maintenance of public facilities, renovation of the surrounding environment of the blue-green belt, renovation of blocks and alleys, activation of idle open space, renovation of shabby spaces, resilient urban engineering, etc. Through the strategic subsidy for small and medium-sized case projects, it is expected that important supporting constructions such as the spatial basic environment required for the balanced development of cities and towns can be constructed.

  2. Combine the territorial aesthetics with the elegance of the old city, highlight the original scenery on the ground, and construct the charm of the town
    In response to the Chinese people’s higher requirements for living environment, and at the same time to avoid urban homogeneity, this plan will combine the aesthetics of the country and the local characteristics,natural landscape, industrial elements, etc.) and other advantages, to construct a unique town charm.

  3. Promote community resident counseling plans, establish creative partnerships, and rebuild regional glory
    The cities and towns are made up of many communities connected in series. The community is the place where the local ethnic groups live, produce and connect emotionally, and it is a unit that should be highly valued for the creation of the cities and towns. Referring to the spirit of local creation, this plan promotes the creation of the residency plan, and gradually establishes a community with a specific community. Through the mentoring and accompany mechanism of the creative resident plans, it is expected to further improve on the basis of a community environment construction such as promoting community employment and purchasing materials in the past, and guide communities to integrate software and hardware resources, interface with local creation, establish partnerships, and rebuild regional glory.