City Heart Project(2017-2021)

- Overview:

Due to several waves of industrial structure transformation and the development trend of urban polarization in domestic towns and cities, the competitiveness of cities and towns is gradually decreasing, the facilities in the original core development areas of cities and towns are obviously outdated, the urban landscape needs to be improved urgently, and the service functions of core towns are becoming more and more reducing, and the decline also affects the surrounding development of the living circle and the quality of life of residents in the core area. This plan is formulated in response to development trends such as shrinking local urban functions, global extreme climate and urban aging.

This plan will use the construction plan produced by the overall spatial planning of the old city to sort out the local basic open space environment, strengthen the development of local towns and cities, and encourage local governments to develop resilience in urban and rural areas, age-friendly urban and rural areas, local culture creation, green network governance and other aspects, promote the overall re-planning of the town, introduce the three creative spirits of innovation, creativity and value creation, reshape the original life function and vitality of the core areas of the township and city, and create a product that meets the requirements of "people-oriented, toughness, and charm" to make the people feel the new style features of the old city.

The plan is based on full communication and consensus on the creative imagination of new life in the future, and puts forward the vision and design principles for the regeneration of the old urban area in the future. Through the guidance and negotiation mechanism, new ecological concepts such as low-impact development, permeable and water-filled design are introduced. The engineering design thinking makes the process of environmental transformation of old urban areas not only improve the hard equipment such as parks, green spaces, and public open spaces, but also respond to the challenges of climate change, with multiple functions and values such as ecology, culture, cooling, and disaster prevention.

In addition, based on the basic needs and scale of industries, education, social welfare and transportation in core towns and counties in the next generation, and focusing on core towns and old urban areas, through reorganization and shaping of the local cultural landscape, and the local infrastructure will be re-updated, so that the service function, environmental quality and public services of the local core towns can be significantly upgraded, thereby driving the overall renewal of local cities in the next generation.

- Objectives:
  • Create a high-quality living environment with "people-oriented, tenacity,and charm"

    1. Construct a resilient and safe living environment
      It is hoped that through the renovation of the overall appearance of the old urban area, the ability to respond and adapt to climate change in the old urban area will be reviewed and strengthened, the summer heat island and the threat of flooding in the old urban area will be reduced, and the most basic safe and comfortable living and leisure environment will be constructed.

    2. Transform the humanistic environment of the core living circle
      In response to the future trend of population aging, re-examine the configuration and service level requirements of various public facilities in the old urban area, and transform the barrier-free and elderly leisure basic service facilities in the old urban area to improve the local people-oriented environment and the quality of public facilities services.

    3. Create a local charming town
      In order to avoid the homogeneous development of the city, the renovation of the old urban area in the future will be based on the reproduction of local historical and cultural characteristics, explore local characteristics and highlight the local self-evidence, and make good use of local advantages and integrate software and hardware supporting resources to create a charming and beautiful town.