Taitung County(臺東縣)-Heart of Town South-link Station Construction Plan

Execution Schedule:2019. 10. 24 ~2021.11.18

The south-link area of Taitung County(臺東縣) is the typical remote and (culturally, economically, and socially) weak region of Taiwan. The construction and development of traditional measures have not solved the local bordering and weakening problem, mainly because of the lack of industry with substantial economic scale, and basic life maintenance currently relies on government subsidies to balance the basic development. Nevertheless, its unique geographical space is a testimony to the diverse landforms in Taiwan, while the life and culture of indigenous peoples here demonstrate Taiwan's diverse ethnic groups. This plan takes Dawu(大武) Fishing Port as the core planning area, which serves as one of the gateways of Taitung County(臺東縣) in the south-link area.

To connect and improve the problem of scattered social resources, Dawu(大武) Fishing Port is planned in the South-link Station complex center construction to build South-link Road tribal creation, social service, and sightseeing points, and the overall improvement plan of the Shangwu(尚武)Hakkas block and traffic hub shall integrate the north-south and east-west pedestrian network, as the landscape and leisure highlight after South-link Road turning into a straight line and entering Taitung County. (臺東縣)

  • Upgrading opportunities for connecting South-link Road: Seize the opportunity of straightening South-link Road and build the core landmark from South-link Road.

  • Attractive stopover sites in the area: Integrate Taitung(臺東)'s natural elements - mountains, ocean, and clear skies to create a focal point for the visual axis from South-link Road.

  • Improved living environment between the coast and the mountains: The landscape architecture is based on humanity and nature and forms a friendly living square between the mountains and the sea.

  • South-link Station - "Local Creation"/providing high-quality commercial services in the Dawu(大武) region: Integrate the selling space of characteristic products and the function of tourism and leisure to develop a co-creation field that stimulates local vitality.

  • Provide new opportunities for development of the Dawu(大武) region: Create new opportunities for the overall spatial upgrading of Dawu(大武) settlements by connecting outward through the new gravity point of the South-link Line.

The landscape square and landscape building form space continuity in the general regional planning in order to build the overall appearance of lightweight, not create conflicts with the surrounding environment, consider anti-seismic, local sunshine, and monsoon features in the structural system and engineering materials, integrate surrounding landscapes, and feature sustainable design concepts through open spaces and road connections to link the local village sand integrate regional functions.

Configuration diagram of the whole area

Substantial achievements will be made to enhance the willingness of local participation and cooperation. In the future, the South-link system, South-link complex center, and harbor spatial impression will be established to help set the tone for the overall regional development and the theme of national sustainable development, as well as develop in a direction that coincides with harbor and settlement culture and takes into account local ecology, life, and production. Buildings with special shaped walls and landscape terrace designs combined with the coastline landscape will become a new highlight of the South-link Line.

To lead visitors through passenger vehicle channels to the service center, the open pedestrian moving line and elevated bridge system shall connect the service center main body, Dawu(大武) Fishing Port, and Shangwu(尚武) settlements, so that the tourists crossing the mountains from Line 9 can stay here and enjoy the fishing port and coastal scenery, while simultaneously experiencing the local culture of the settlement; it also provides the community a convenient path and access to the service center for consumption activities.

Before construction
After construction
Completion photos of the Heart of Town South-link Station Construction Plan