Kaohsiung City(高雄市) - Heart of Liouguei (六龜) Reconstruction Plan

Execution Schedule:2018-2021

This project is located in the settlement in Liouguei District(六龜區) and its surrounding areas of Kaohsiung City, with Liouguei(六龜) Old Street block as the core, and includes Dagongzhan(大貢占) Mountain, Butterfly Valley, and Fuguei (福龜)Park near the Laonong(荖濃) River. In 1999, after the windstorm that hit southern Taiwan, Liouguei District(六龜區) suffered significantly, so to revive Liouguei(六龜)’s development, the project takes Liouguei(六龜) old settlement as the core and uses existing culture, ecology, and industrial resources to construct the block environment of nostalgia of enjoying views, caring for health, and promoting an intellectual and friendly neighborhood, all of which provides visitors with richer experiences of locally featured tourism, in addition to hot springs and boating, to realize their desire for slow living in a mountain city and leaving their heart here when they return home.

  • Planning concept and design idea drawing

Two key plans are proposed, namely, "reconstructing the ecological secret environment of Butterfly Valley and its surroundings" and "reconstructing the core of Liouguei(六龜) Old Street." The Heart of Liouguei(六龜) reconstruction plan is expected to improve the urban and rural environment and landscape, highlight local ecological and cultural characteristics, and reorient the development direction of the society, economy, ecology and tourism of Liouguei District(六龜區) for the future. Reconstructing the ecological secret environment of Butterfly Valley and its surroundings: to create an ecological and environmental education field for Butterfly Valley and its surrounding ecological environment through landscaping and urban-rural shaping, prioritize ecological environment conservation and strengthen the tourism industry, promote local social and economic development, and conserve natural resources.

  • Improvement of Dagongzhan(大貢占) Mountain hiking trail and surrounding landscape: Dagongzhan(大貢占) Mountain hiking trail is the major tourist hiking route connecting Shennong(神農) Palace and Liougueiold(六龜) town. Using the trail pavement, landscape planting for green environmental beautification, and mountain foot park renovation project, the plan upgrades Dagongzhan(大貢占) Mountain hiking trail landscape and creates a tourist attraction to provide residents with a leisure place and visitors with a spot for hiking and beautiful views.

  • Restoration and reuse of Chitianwu(池田屋) historical building: The Chitianwu(池田屋) area is transformed into the Antrodia Camphorate Picking Cultural Museum and Kaohsiung Passenger Transport Cultural Relics Exhibition Area so that visitors who come to Liouguei(六龜) by public transportation can visit the historical path of Antrodia camphorate picking and the old street planned and constructed by this plan while transferring to Baolai(寶來) and Maolin Districts(茂林區).

  • Liouguei(六龜) Products and Small Agricultural Production Exhibition and Sales Center (Hongkunyuan(洪稇源)Shop): This plan uses building facade renovation, integrates street furniture and the walking path, and takes Hongkunyuan(洪稇源) as an important node for creating the old street and village atmosphere and continuing the historical memory of Yuanhan(原漢) Exchange in ancient times, which transforms Liouguei(六龜) products and small agricultural production exhibition and sales center, providing tourists with opportunities to buy souvenirs of special local products and promoting the local tourism economy.

  • Transformation of historical field and old street: This plan carries out the transformation of the humanistic footpath, friendly arcade corridor, and corner space, with street furniture and an overall pointer system, to improve the spatial experience of the Kezhuang(客庄) Block in Liouguei(六龜) District and further promote the area’s quality of living and recreational environment.

In order to revitalize the development of Liouguei(六龜), this plan takes the old settlement of Liouguei District(六龜區) as its core, using existing cultural, ecological, and industrial resources to create an intellectual and friendly neighborhood environment with nostalgia, scenery appreciation, and health preservation, all of which can provide visitors with a richer experience of local characteristics, in addition to the hot springs and boating. It is a step forward for the post-disaster rehabilitation and tourism development of Liouguei District(六龜區) and brings back the beauty of "Kaohsiung's backyard garden."

Historical building Chitianwu(池田屋)
Before repair
After repair
Historical building Hongkunyuan(洪稇源) Shop
Before repair
After repair
Tianman(天滿) Palace Memorial Square
Before construction
After construction
Completion photos of the Heart of Liouguei(六龜) Reconstruction Plan