Concerning Urban and Rural Development

Part 1. Introduction

The Construction and Planning Agency Ministry of the Interior began to implement the "Urban and Rural Landscape Reconstruction Movement" in 1987, hoping to create a new home with "culture, greenery, and beauty", leading local governments to jointly promote policies, and for this beautiful piece of island "Formosa" to create the future together; not only in the restoration of urban and rural natural ecological environment, the shaping of humanistic features and the creation of living environment, but more importantly, it is to awakens the public's attention to the urban and rural landscape features.

Since 1999, the urban and rural style policy was proposed to promote the "Plan for Creating a New Urban and Rural Style". Initially, it was piloted as a demonstration plan. After receiving response from all walks of life, it was officially incorporated into the government's medium and long-term public construction plan in 2001. Since then, this plan had undergone the following 6 periods of the public construction plans: 2001-2004 "Demonstration Plan for Creating Taiwan Urban and Rural Style", 2005-2008 "Urban Landform Reconstruction - Demonstration Plan for Creating Taiwan Urban and Rural Style", 2009-2012 "Demonstration Plan of Taiwan Urban and Rural Style Overall Planning ", 2013-2017 "Urban Style Modeling Overall Plan", 2017-2020 " Urban Heart Project Plan" and 2021-2026 "Urban and Rural Style and Environment Creation Plan".

Over the past 20 years, the above-mentioned plans have been promoting the restoration of urban and rural natural ecological environments, the shaping of humanistic features, and the creation of living environments. At the same time, we have also continuously formed a consensus, that is, this kind of construction is not only a tangible and visible appearance transformation, but also that the more critical spirit lies in the "intangible" value cognition, recognition, consensus, collective operation and action.

  • Part 1. Introduction
Part 2.Chronology
Part 3.Future Outlook
  • Urban and rural style policy will be published in 2021 with Urban and rural declaration:

/ Urban-rural symbiosis、Charming creations、Mutual benefit、Common prosperity/

We recognize that Taiwan has a unique and rich diversity of land, humanity and ecology.

In the past 20 years, we have worked hard to gather local consensus and spontaneous energy, explore Taiwan's DNA, and create a Taiwanese brand; we are committed to transforming the natural and cultural environment of urban and rural areas, reshaping the core of life values, and leading the people and the government to jointly create a sustainable urban and rural area. At the same time, we have echoed the international community, combined with cross-disciplinary professional, link IFLA World Landscape Professional Alliance, continue to strengthen domestic professional energy, enhance international competitiveness and visibility.

In the next 20 years, we shall certainly be able to show the charming Taiwan's urban and rural areas to the world, and establish a new model of urban and rural areas that are livable, inclusive, safe, healthy, resilient and sustainable.

We shall make full efforts to implement the declaration of urban and rural areas: Culture, greenness, beauty; Resilience, health and sustainability; Friendly, accommodating and livable; Inheritance, wisdom and innovation; Preservation, conservation, restoration; Cross-domain, integration, and co-prosperity.

Over the past 20 years of policy promotion, under the guidance of the requirements of "de-canning, de-cementation, decrement design, and ecological construction methods", the 8000 urban and rural landscapes in Taiwan have been greatly changed.In the future, we shall adhere to the principles of "simple and natural, easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to manage", continue to improve the new technology and new connotation of landscape design, and create new value for the next 20 years of urban and rural style features.

  1. Make Taiwanese towns more attractive and more beautiful; continue to improve the town style promotion strategy

    In the past, the urban and rural style renovations were mostly individual and sporadic construction plans, and it was difficult to achieve overall benefits. After reviewing the past implementation mechanism, we proposed the promotion strategy in four aspects of "system integration", "expansion of participation", "professional dialogue" and "system establishment", and encouraged local governments to implement cross-regional cooperation and community participation through plan competition, put forward an overall development vision for sustainable urban and rural areas, and promote cross-sector areas such as water green environment, public open space, cultural assets and characteristic blocks, etc. to integrate action plans and link with local industries in order to give full play to the synergy of resource integration and investment.

    In the past, the Construction and Planning Agency assisted local governments in implementing urban and rural landscape renovation plans, such as the regeneration of the Yilan(宜蘭) River and the old city, the revitalization of the Taoyuan(桃園) Linkou(林口) Road Corridor, the pedestrian city of Hsinchu(新竹), the water-green stitching of the Yuejin Port(月津港) in Tainan(台南), the blue-green belt system integration of Shashe Creek(殺蛇溪) and Wannian Creek(萬年溪) in Pingtung(屏東), the preservation of Lieyu(列嶼) battlefield culture and the creation of small towns, the preservation and activation of traditional settlements in Mindong(閩東) in Lianjiang County(連江縣), etc., will truly achieve the vision of charming urban and rural areas after the transformation of urban and rural areas.

  2. Encourage professional dialogue to promote the innovative technology and connotation of landscape planning and design

    In front of the challenges in the global climate change, the new trends of urban heat island, energy saving and carbon reduction, circular economy and resilient urban and rural development, and in response to the high expectations of the Chinese people for the quality of the living environment in the future, in the promotion of urban and rural style renovation, we shall be more active with landscape professionals for the communication and dialogue, joint cooperation, construction of professional technology through different urban and rural space issues, strengthening the implementation of planning and design, and finally to create a new value model of urban and rural charming landscape transformation that is symbiotic with the environment, to respect the scale of human nature, to have the texture and taste, and to be full of infinite vitality.

  3. Highlight the achievements of urban and rural style transformation, and cooperate with the folk to hold urban and rural charm awards

    The urban and rural style renovation project involves the dialogue and integration of cross-disciplinary majors such as culture, landscape, water conservancy, urban planning, etc. in which the non-single departments can achieve it alone, in order to awaken the attention of county and city heads to urban and rural style renovation, and encourage county and city competition, teamwork and creativity. In the future, scholars and experts will be invited to conduct plan selection every year, and the annual urban and rural charm award will be selected, and an award ceremony will be held in cooperation with civil landscape groups to recognize the achievements of urban and rural style transformation. In order to continue to strengthen the strength of domestic landscape professional design, let all walks of life see the results and benefits of urban and rural landscape transformation on the improvement of the quality of life of Chinese people.