Kinmen County(金門縣)- Light the Heart of Town -Houpu(後浦)Town Charming City(金門縣) Construction Plan of Kinmen County

Execution Schedule:2018.03.02~2021.12.31

According to the development problem of local towns’ function declining and aging, its field open space system is more marginalized, and the downtown place is blocked from its open spaces, with an ecological system fault problem. Unblocking the space connects the public spaces and integrates energy conservation, carbon reduction, and friendly barrier-free design. Further more, through ecological engineering design methods, such as sponge city, the overall transformation of green infrastructure, such as park green spaces, public open spaces, and the water-friendly river section, will improve the urban and rural environment landscape and provide more development potential and service function. The planning area covers 36 hectares, including the surroundings of Juguang Tower(莒光樓), Wujiang River(浯江溪), mangrove, Jincheng Junior High School(金城國中), Stone Sculpture Park, Aquatic Experiment Institute, sewage treatment plant, and the surrounding coast and also integrates the surrounding environment of the provincial government square in order to create an ecological, safe, happy, and livable open space environment for the city.

The project (Phase I) focuses on the waterfront sports park. The project base covers a total of 12 hectares of Houpu(後浦)Town South Sports Park and the old waterfront park.

The objective is to restore the ecosystems and their linkages - to reconnect ECOTONE between different systems, such as oceans and their shoals, mangroves, and rivers; recover the link between the city and the environment - reconstruct the peninsula and maintain a good connection with the surrounding environment; create the city's largest sports and nature park to make it a center of leisure and living.

The spatial development strategy reorganizes the channel linking the town to the river and sea, replenishes the functional space, increases the opportunities for activities facing the river and sea, opens the river section, widens the riverway, connects the river and sea, and repairs the ecosystem.

Connect the overall surrounding environment of the waterfront sports park, villa waterfront area, water park- Aquatic Experiment Institute area, water park-Juguang(莒光) Lake area, and Wujiang(浯江) River waterfront, and create a new life space that highlights the overall waterfront blue belt and green space, public leisure space, and sport facilities.

In accordance with the forward-looking planning and funding stages, the Phase I plan is based on the area from the county stadium to the seaside park, which is immediately feasible and directly related to the residents. The planning focuses on improving the planting condition of the seaside park, constructing and connecting the moving line of regional people, unblocking unnecessary fencing, and integrating the open green spaces.

After the implementation of Phase I plan, the stadium will become a healthier and more comfortable sports space, the seaside park will join with the sports park to become a larger, more beautiful, and easier-to-maintain-and-manage park. The area can also naturally connect the pedestrian path of Minquan Road(民權路), Minzu Road(民族路), Beidi Road(北堤路), and Xihai Road(西海路) to become a good place for the daily recreation of urban residents and be ready for the Wujiang(浯江)River opening. According to the issues raised by the public at the public explanation meeting after the contract was issued, such as insufficient parking spaces, too narrow roads, and desires to reserve existing courts, maintain the rear activity space of the stadium, reduce the migration of large trees and pile height, and other issues, alternative solutions will be discussed.

Original plant landscape shaping of seaside park
Before construction
After construction
Landscape recreation facilities
Before construction
After construction