Taichung City(臺中市) -Heart of Tanzi Town(潭子站) Railway Green Corridor Plan

Execution Schedule:2018.04.20~2021.06.28
  • Relevant position drawing of green corridor plan
    Relevant position drawing of green corridor plan

One hundred years ago, the traffic opening of the longitudinal Main Lines parked the vigorous development of Taichung City, but it also cut off the connection between the front and back stations. The east and west sides of Tanzi(潭子) Station have also been separated by the railway and the crossing road - Provincial Road Line 3 (Zhongshan Road) (中山路) for a long time, resulting in obviously different development processes on both sides. One hundred years later (in 2016), the elevated railway was opened, not only giving the central district an opportunity to regenerate, but also promoting the possibility of re-connecting the urban texture on both sides of the railway. The former railway corridor space provides a continuous 21.7 km of belt open space for Taichung City.

This belt open space has a width of about 11-15 meters (mostly 11 meters in the standard section) in the interior of the original railway elevated corridor and a width of 12-20 meters (12 meters in the standard section) below the water drip line of the elevated railway corridor. For the space under the elevated railway bridge, the Taiwan Railway Authority will introduce commercial, parking, and other urban activities, while the municipal government will open up parks, squares, and leisure sports together with the former railway elevated corridor. In view of the above space and overall urban development, Taichung City(台中市) Government maintains the existing urban green road characteristics and bicycle trail development strategy and connects the original ring jade necklace green road in Taichung City with green beautification (including bicycle trail construction) to construct the railway elevated green corridor plan.

Furthermore, it will create more friendly pedestrian environments, school accessing paths, and green landscaping to successfully achieve the supplementary intention of the "Heart of Town."

  • Planning concept and design idea drawing

The construction of the "railway elevated green corridor plan," the connection of the bicycle trail moving line in the city, and the linkage of Tanzi-Daya-Shengang(潭雅神) bicycle trail make Tanzi(潭子) a charming town with livable, human-oriented, and local characteristics to improve the quality of life environment surrounding the station space with the station as the core, create a green transport attraction, connect the urban texture and activities on both sides of the corridor, link new and old blocks, optimize the core space image of life in Tanzi(潭子), and enrich the possibility of diversified urban activities.

Taichung's bike path system provides visitors with stunning views of Tanzi(潭子). The specific benefits are as follows:

  • The completion of the railway green corridor, public park, and related facilities will provide a large area of green space and bicycle space, effectively improve the per capita green area of Tanzi District(潭子區), significantly improve the quality of life on the east and west sides, and create more opportunities for Tanzi(潭子) to interact with the city.

  • The belt landscape created by the 9.9 km railway green corridor will accelerate the activation of surrounding buildings to generate positive reversion energy; furthermore, the circulation frequency between the urban areas (formerly Taichung(臺中市) downtown and Fengyuan(豐原) downtown) and Tanzi(潭子) will be improved, thus increasing the possibility of people staying, relaxing, and consuming in Tanzi.(潭子)

  • The project will produce at least 7.2 hectares of open space and plant about 2,700 trees and 5,000m2 of shrubs, providing about 3,930,000 tons of carbon sequestration per year. Moreover, the permeable area will be retained for at least 5,000m2, part of which will be introduced with LID facilities to improve the storage capacity of heavy rain water resources, thus assisting flood detention, reducing the risk of flooding in the surrounding areas, and constructing a resilient belt space with safety defense.

  • Build a beautiful and livable environment for young people so that young students can easily stay in Taichung to ensure the vitality and competitiveness of the city's youth.

  • Highlight the coexistence of local culture and industry in Tanzi District(潭子區) and enhance the identity of local residents and migrant workers in Taichung!
Before construction
After construction
Before construction
After construction
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