Miaoli County(苗栗縣) -Miaoli(苗栗) Station East and West Squares and Surrounding Environment Reconstruction Plan

  • Execution Schedule:2018-2021
Execution Schedule:2018-2021

This plan focuses on Miaoli(苗栗) Station. Miaoli County(苗栗縣)considers Miaoli City(苗栗市) as the core of town development, starting from Miaoli Station, and presents north-south development along Zhongzheng Road(中正路) and Zhongshan Road(中山路). In recent years, due to the completion of the Miaol i (苗栗) Station cross-station project and the construction of Miaoli(苗栗) Station (including the railway cultural relics exhibition site), Miaoli City(苗栗市) has an opportunity for redevelopment, and the Heart of Town plan of Miaoli County(苗栗縣) has been promoted with important urban function nodes and potential land in Miaoli(苗栗) Station area and the surrounding land. This plan reshapes the spatial integrity of the old and new railway stations, strengthens the gate way image of the railway station, coordinates with historical connotation and vocabulary, creates the historical atmosphere of a Hakka mountain city, rebuilds the transportation system outside the station, constructs Maoli (苗栗) green life and road network, and connects the railway green corridor space and the famously scenic Gongweixu(功維敘) tunnel of Maoli(貓貍) Mountain.

  • Promotion strategy and structure diagram
  • Reconstruction of the old station body of East Station and landscape traffic of East Station Square: a. Improve the gate way image in front of the station. b. Increase the greening amount of the square in front of the station. c. Barrier-free sloping square moving line. d. Taxi and private car diversion. e. Increase bicycle rental stations. f. Improve public toilet spaces. g. Promote safe pedestrian space linking East Station to Railway Park and optimize railway theme park facilities.

  • Landscape traffic reconstruction of West Station Square: a. Increase the greening amount of the square in front of the station. b. Traffic moving line re-planning. c. Taxi and private car diversion. d. Increase bicycle rental stations. e. Additional construction of outdoor performance stage. f. Extension of Fuqian Road(府前路) renovation project - pavement improvement at Civil Hall Square section. g. Extension of Fuqian Road(府前路) renovation project - demolishing the barrier wall at the municipal government building section to create a new square for the people.

  • Railway greenway connection (Jianzhong Street(建中街) to Wenhua Street(文化街)) and partial renovation of existing footpath extending from Wenhua Street(文化街) to Maoli(貓貍) Mountain
    a. Open for public leisure sports. b. Optimize original park facilities. c. Increase theme tree corridor. d. Barrier-free wooden plank road access. e. (Jianzhong Street(建中街) – Wenhua Street(文化街)) New permanent safety fence close to the railway.f. (Jianzhong Street(建中街) to Maoli(貓貍) Mountain Park)Maoli(貓貍) Mountain Tunnel footpath and barrier-free space.

In 2013, Miaoli(苗栗) Stationadded an overhead bridge that connected to West Station to form the old and new areas of the East and West Stations separated by the railway. The follow-up project integrates the East and West Stations of Miaoli Railway Station and the railway green space and connects the north-south railway green corridor space to the famously scenic Maoli(貓貍) Mountain.

West square
Before construction
After construction
East square
Before construction
After construction