May 24, 2022

Promotion Plan for Balanced Urban and Rural Development (2014-2018)

May 24, 2022
- Overview:

In response to the continuous migration of population to metropolitan areas and the gradual imbalance of urban and rural development, the Ministry of the Interior proposed the "Promotion Plan for Balanced Urban and Rural Development". Under the original budget scale, from 2015 onwards, the resources of various ministries and associations will be pooled over 11 billion NTD in four years to promote the development of urban and rural areas. The demonstration construction plan of "rich rural, charming town" will carry out an overall inspection from five aspects, including "industry guidance", "talent utilization", "infrastructure construction", "financial integration" and "life function", to outline the overall development in the future vision and specific action plan, a total of 11 billion NTD will be invested from 2015 to 2018. The central and local governments will work together to create 17 gorgeous and charming townships, which will become Taiwan's local bright spots and create opportunities for young people to live in the cityso as to fight for life, find happiness, and enhance Taiwan's overall competitiveness.

In order to implement the action plan of 17 demonstration townships, a team of experts and consultants will be organized to go to the countryside to assist municipalities and counties (cities) to take stock of the plans. In addition, the government will communicate with the public through diverse communication and dialogues, and hold coffee-drinking seminars to attract more people. The opinions from all walks of life, the opinions "from bottom to top" are integrated, and the implementation plan is reviewed on a rolling basis, so that the government's governance can meet the needs of local development, and jointly achieve balanced urban and rural development.

This plan not only establishes new partnerships between townships (towns and cities), shortens the development gap between urban and rural areas, guides the joint investment of central resources, stimulates private investment business opportunities, increases employment opportunities in rural areas, reviews and activates public land for reuse, and increases investment in public construction plans benefit.

Through the cooperation between the central and local governments, the plan promotes the revitalization and development of local industries, improves the efficiency of the local job market, and promotes the establishment of integrated platforms by local governments to avoid ineffective investment and idle facilities to provide the employment opportunities in the districts, thereby attracting urban and rural migrants to return to their hometowns for settlement and employment.

- Objectives:

This plan hopes to promote the top-notch township (town, city) through the integration of central planning resources, implement the balanced development of urban and rural areas, attract Chinese people to move to non-metropolitan areas, develop beautiful rural areas, and shape small towns with a sense of style, and provide the locality of non-urban areas and the opportunities for employment, education and support.

By promoting the overall planning of small towns and towns, according to the development potential and characteristics of towns and towns, integrating complex software and hardware construction resources such as landscape, culture, leisure, tourism, ecological environment, industrial development, talent training, financial integration and public construction plans to propose the innovation and transformation strategy of regeneration for the townships, and the integration of subsidy resources from various ministries and associations, to create a small growth core, drive the development of surrounding townships (towns, cities), and gradually implement the goal of balanced urban and rural development.