May 24, 2022

Overall Plan for Urban StyleShaping (2013-2018)

May 24, 2022
- Overview:

For more than a decade, the urban and rural style features have been in the action connotation to build a new style of urban and rural life green network of "culture, greenness, beauty", "happy city, public participation", and create many small but beautiful parks, green spaces, and communities,new green spots in idle space, as well as the renovation of urban green axis creative spaces such as river corridors and road corridors, however, in order to respond to the challenges of global climate change, enhance urban competitiveness, boost local development, alleviate the threat of disasters caused by climate change, we shall seek to accelerate the upgrading of the overall environmental quality of cities and towns.

The plan for this period will be different from the single-point and linear construction of the previous plan, and it will promote the overall planning and construction of the demonstration area in a plane. The main implementation strategies include the four aspects "departmental cooperation", "cross-domain integration", "public participation", and "hard and soft Implementation", through the cross-departmental resource integration platform established by the Ministry of the Interior, a total of 21 plansof the related public construction are coordinated, and integrated with this plan, they are jointly invested in the urban environmental renovation work in the demonstration area, so as to play a role in the value-added and synergistic effect of the overall construction, therefore, the plan is to integrate the overall planning plan for urban and rural appearance and the urban road human-centered environment construction plan into one plan, which will be promoted in 4 years from 2013 to 2016, the total investment costis 12.6 billion NTD, the scope of implementation of the plan also focuses on urban planning areas outside the scope of the rural regeneration plan.The plan proposes strategies for innovation and transformation of the urban environment, creating a town style with local culture, happy living, rich green and beautiful quality.

In order to implement the policy goals of sustainable environment and residential justice in the "Golden Decade National Vision", the overall urban planning is carried out through the concept of eco-city, and the cross-domain integrated construction plan is used to jointly explore the competition potential of each place and guide the local area to be suitable, adaptive and appropriate development, strengthen its local characteristics and advantages, give full play to the synergy of planned investment, and enhance the creativity and competitiveness of the region and the city.

- Objectives:
  1. Improving the overall environment of cities and towns, highlighting the self-evidence and charmof cities and towns
    In response to the future development of land and space and the formation of the new five capitals, the future will focus on the overall planning of cities and towns across regions and fields. According to the needs and conditions of different cities and towns, through the inventory of urban life, production, and ecological resources, as well as other departmental construction plans being combined, it provides suitable public facilities services, high-quality urban style features with local self-evidence, spatial readability and ecological diversity.

  2. Adjusting the climate and environment, and reorganizing the green urban service facilities
    From the three aspects of life, production and ecology, we shall build the urban green foundation with green roads as the latitude and longitude, and comprehensively review the various public construction plans that the town has invested in the past, such as blue-green belt construction, living green corridors, commuting corridors, and sidewalks with the construction achievements of bicycle system, sightseeing scenic area, business district, historical site and Hakka cultural park, etc., through strategic stitching and connection,to enhance the efficiency of resource investment.

  3. Creating urban competitiveness and employment opportunities
    Through the overall planning of the town, we shall guide the appropriate and timely joint investment of various construction plans, and invest in related software supporting measures such as business district counseling, mobile information software development, marketing, and overall community construction, which will contribute to the natural and humanistic characteristics of the town,at the same time, combined with the development of local advantageous industries, it will drive private investment business opportunities and increase urban employment opportunities.

  4. Enhancing the consolidation and reduction of facilities to create a friendly and barrier-free living environment
    To strengthen domestic public facilities and open spaces, we shall pay more attention to the creation of barrier-free and friendly spaces, promote the reduction of public facilities on urban roads and pedestrian environments, and promote community creation and talent training with the spirit and model of Local Agenda 21 to encourage local participation in the ecological environment transformation movement to fill the insufficiency of public construction, the residents of the community can independently create the most suitable living mode for the local area.