May 24, 2022

Demonstration Plan for Overall Planning of Taiwan’s Urban and Rural Style (2009-2012)

May 24, 2022
- Overview:

The plan during this period is to continue the foundation laid in the past and move forward. Therefore, in terms of action content, in addition to continuing to advocate the construction of "culture, greenness, beauty", "happy city, public participation",the new style of urban and rural life green network, and we shall look forward to the urban landform renovation plan. In the future, it will actively integrate Taiwan's urban renewal plans and campaigns, and through the spirit of innovation and renovation, it will become a carrier to strengthen the country's overall competitiveness and create a balanced regional development; on the other hand, it will also shape the urban and rural landscape. The transformation of urban landforms can be sustained and closely related to the spirit of the times, and has become a major national policy for Taiwan to integrate with international standards.

This planfirstly emphasizes the political benefit evaluation and social evaluation of the degree of urban and rural landscape change and the improvement of the quality of life; it secondly emphasizes the concept and implementation mechanism of space professional and administrative operations, and the degree of progress in supporting urban and rural development; it thirdly emphasizes the guidance of the plan goals to quote the pointers required by the subject itself.

  1. Innovative indicators: the number of cross-regional cooperation, integrated actions, etc.;
  2. Learning and training indicators: the number of learning activities such as lectures, training and observation on related topics are handled each year;
  3. Excellent case indicators: in cooperation with the establishment of the evaluation system, the sub-plan achievement performance and plan implementation administrative performance are measured by the ratio of the number of subsidy programs selected as excellent cases to the total number of approved subsidy cases each year;
  4. Thematic performance indicators: such as green area indicators, construction area or length indicators, idle space reuse indicators, CO2 reduction and other indicators.

In addition, this plan will comply with the spirit of the division of labor between the central and local governments. In the future, some local plans for urban and rural style features will turn cooperation with urban renewal into local rights and responsibilities, and build local autonomy to carry the ability to shape urban and rural style features year by year, which will also strengthen the self-evident development of local style features.

- Objectives:
  1. Constructing an eco-urban and rural environment with territorial aesthetics, focusing on resource sharing, cooperative management, and strategic alliances to meet new challenges, and operating with the concept of a large regional structure, gradually forming an innovative overall park and green space system network in Taiwan.
  2. Guidance to strengthen the integration of urban and rural style plans and urban renewal plans, and strengthen the indicative and legal functions of local landscape plans, so as to establish a high-quality local environmental style that is self-evident.
  3. With the spirit and model of Local Agenda 21, we shall encourage local participation in ecological transformation campaigns, establish campaigns and indicators for local environmental and ecological optimization, effectively reduce the heat island effect in metropolitan areas, and move towards the main axis of urban development for sustainable governance.
  4. Strengthening the international integration of urban and rural style and urban landform transformation experience, aiming at strengthening competitiveness, and presenting Taiwan's environmental transformation achievements and technologies to the world.