May 24, 2022

Urban Landform Reconstruction - Demonstration Plan to Create Taiwan's Urban and Rural Style Features (2005-2008)

May 24, 2022
- Plan Overview:

In the future, the focus of national development has shifted to creating a domestic demand-based economic development mechanism, focusing on a knowledge-based economy, that is, taking ecological and life value as the goal and development model. Compared with the development logic of large capital, large-scale, and large energy consumption, these two directions are a kind of distributed, local, delicate, diversified, endogenous, "light, thin, short" and "beautiful (aesthetics)", sense (sensibility), recreation (amusement), and creativity (originality)” are also post-industrial development strategies necessary to maintain a good living environment and ecological cycle.

How to present these concepts and qualities in the urban and rural landscape renovation policy is the key thinking in seeking progress and innovation at this stage. Therefore, at this stage, the policy design for the reconstruction of urban and rural landscapes in the short rangeshall be upgraded to a mechanism sufficient to initiate the structural transformation and redevelopment of local landscapes, rather than focusing on subsidy for individual cases. This policy then builds a more complete development promotion logic based on the country's overall development vision and accumulated experience in the past.

With the core concepts of "learning", "innovation" and "communication", the "Learning Counseling and Project Management Center" was established to strengthen the concepts of "regional cooperation" and "learning", and effectively promote the organized collective and interactive learning of each executive unit during the process, it promotes the exchange of experience and creates a positive learning atmosphere, and transforms the public participation model into a shared bearing by the public, providing the consultation services and implementing objective evaluations based on the implementation performance and needs of the local government.

Continue to "create a sustainable home with local cultural style, greenery, and pleasant beauty" as the long-term overall vision to continue to pursue, taking "culture, greenness, beauty" as the action slogan, and taking "competition", "innovation", “participation”, and “learning” as the spirit of action. Every year, we continue to return to the physical examination and discussion on the relevant system and implementation aspects. In response to the new development situation, we conduct the research and development, adjustment and innovation of policy directions, subsidy strategies and supporting measures at any time, such as the transformation of the roles and tasks of the central supervision team, the emergence of the general landscape consultant, the emergence of the professional role of county and city urban and rural landscape counseling, and the revision of county and city landscape outline plansetc., gradually accumulating the better situation and in line with the new urban and rural life in the 21st century.

- Plan Objectives:
  1. Taking "competition", "innovation", "participation" and "learning" as the spirit of action;
  2. The value concept of urban and rural style features shall continue to be promoted and deepened;
    (1)The urban and rural style shall start from the "heart";
    (2)The urban and rural style shall be "hard and soft";
    (3)The urban and rural style shall be that "the process is as important as the result";
    (4)The urban and rural style shall be a "social transformation movement".
  3. Follow-up management and maintenance work urgently needs to urge local governments to pay attention and respond effectively;
  4. The spirit of research and development, innovation and experimentation shall be further induced and strengthened.