May 24, 2022

Expanding Domestic Demand - A Plan to Create a New Style of Urban and Rural Areas (1999-2000)

May 24, 2022
- Overview:

In 1999, the Economic and Construction Association of the Executive Yuan, under the leadership of the "Plan for Expansion of Domestic Demand", formulated the "Plan to Create a New Style of Urban and Rural Areas".In 1999, the second half of 1999 and 2000, the Urban Construction Department expanded the budget to subsidize local governments to carry out demonstration improvements in important landscape sites, setting an important milestone.

In accordance with the implementation plan of the "Urban and Rural Landscape Reconstruction Movement", which was approved in principle by the Executive Yuan for reference, in 1999, the project was conducted on "urban design", "water-friendly facilities", "street landscape, corner landscaping, public space beautification", "Urban Park and Green Space System Outline Plan", "Advertisement Management Improvement", "Coastal Management Improvement", "Scenic Road Construction", etc., have budgeted more than 200 million NTD to subsidize local governments for related planning and design work.

In September 1997, The Construction Department of the Ministry of the Interior also formulated and completed the "Urban and Rural Landscape Reconstruction Campaign Implementation Plan" and submitted it to the Executive Yuan for approval for future reference. The Implementation Plan specifically defines the implementation scope of urban and rural landscape features, including "man-made environmental landscape", "natural environment landscape" and "living and cultural landscape". The overall goal of the plan is to create a new home with "culture, greenness, and beauty", trying to establish a long-term implementation plan and system, starting from solving practical problems, strengthening short-term key renovations, and through demonstration selection, advocacy incentives and other measures to awaken consensus. At the same time, scholars and experts are invited to set up an "Urban and Rural Style Consultation Service Group" to go to the countryside to provide guidance and provide advice, designate key demonstration areas, and since 1998, a budget of about 200 million NTD has been allocated to subsidize local governments for urban design, water-friendly construction, the preliminary planning and design of street landscaping, park green space construction, coastal landscape improvement, etc., as well as handling the national "Charming Urban and Rural Award" selection activities, etc., lay the foundation for the comprehensive development of the subsequent urban and rural style renovation.

After two years, in addition to subsidizing more than 700 improvement plans, the most important effect is to successfully increase the visibility of the policy of "creating a new style in urban and rural areas" and promote the concept of environmental landscape, gradually making "creating a new style of urban and rural areas" synonymous with improving urban and rural development and the quality of the living environment, and a focus of attention of the heads of local governments across the country.

- Objectives:
  1. Establish a mid- and long-term landscape development planning system to realize "One Town, One Characteristic";
  2. Promote the demonstration construction of high-quality and humanized living space, and strengthen experience exchange and observation;
  3. Cooperate with the 921 Earthquake Reconstruction Plan to implement demonstration construction of urban and rural landscapes in the disaster-stricken areas;
  4. Consolidate the consensus of the new values of the Chinese people and use local resources to participate in the transformation of the living environment;
  5. Establish a system for maintaining natural and cultural landscapes and promoting sustainable urban and rural development.